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4 Most Common Car A/C Issues & How To Resolve Them For Your Fairfax, VA Vehicle

September 8, 2021

an a/c console inside of a car | ABS Unlimited in Fairfax, VA.

It is hot and humid on your walk to your vehicle, and you cannot wait to feel the cold burst of air from your car’s A/C system. You start the ignition, turn up the A/C and… that cold air never comes. Your car’s A/C system has failed and now you’re stuck in the heat of a Fairfax, VA summer with no reprieve. Could you have seen this coming? 
In this article we will go over the 4 most common car A/C issues & how to resolve them for your Fairfax, VA vehicle. 


Warning Sign 1: You hear an unusual noise when the A/C is running – The cause could be a loose or blocked fan or a sign that your compressor is failing.

Solution – Visit an auto repair shop for an A/C system inspection. They will help you identify the issue and advise on the repair/replacement of parts.

an a/c console inside of a car

Warning Sign 2: No cold air is blowing – In most cases, this is caused by leaking refrigerant. Without an adequate amount of refrigerant in the A/C system, the A/C compressor will be unable to function properly.

A leak can occur due to a hole in the compressor, condenser, connection, evaporator, or hoses. It is difficult to identify a refrigerant leak because it evaporates when exposed to the environment.

Solution – An auto A/C expert can perform an inspection by putting the refrigerant and leak tracer into the system to find out the exact area from where the leak is originating.  This will be followed up by repairs and then evacuating and refilling the system with new refrigerant to ensure cold air all the time.

a hand over a air conditioning vent

Warning Sign 3: No air is coming from the vents –  This issue is less common but can be due to:

  • Blown fuse or a bad relay
  • Damaged blower motor
  • Blocked air intake
  • Damaged hoses and belts


Solution – You will need each of these ventilation components inspected to identify the issue.

a hand over a air conditioning vent

Warning Sign 4 – The A/C smells like mildew – If your A/C smells like mildew when it is turned on, bacteria are likely growing behind the dashboard, on the evaporator. This happens in vehicles that have older systems or enjoy the blast the A/C most of the time.

Solution – Replacing the air filter will likely resolve this issue, since it collects the dirt, dust, moisture, and other pollutants.

If the problem persists, a car A/C expert can add an anti-bacterial solution in the evaporator to kill mold and other contaminants from the system.

a man smelling the air conditioning vent

No matter what warning signs your car’s A/C system may be experiencing, a qualified automotive technician should be able to properly diagnose the problems and restore your A/C’s function. Need service on your car’s A/C? Visit ABS Unlimited for solutions to all your air conditioning needs! Click here to schedule an appointment.