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Signs Your Car Needs a Brake Repair

March 16, 2023

Disc brake of the vehicle for repair, in process of new tire replacement. Car brake repairing in garage.Close up.

Few, if any, automotive repairs are more important than brake repair in Fairfax VA. Your brakes must bring thousands of pounds of steel and rubber to a halt. The best way to ensure your brakes are up to the task is to have regular brake inspections by an experienced mechanic at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax VA. But if you fail to have your brakes serviced, your vehicle may issue brake repair warning signs. Let’s take a closer look at the top brake repair warning signs. Continue reading, and don’t hesitate to contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax VA. 

Wait! It Sounds Like You Need Auto Brake Service in Fairfax VA

You should know the standard sounds your vehicle produces. If you hear any deviation from the norm, you should be concerned. Specifically, a squeaking or grinding noise when you apply the brakes means you need auto brake service. Most brake pads have wear indicators that will emit this noise when it’s time for brake repair. In either case, don’t ignore the noise. You should address this issue promptly to stay safe and avoid further damage. 

Meh…I Don’t Like the Feel of My Brake Pedal

When you press the brakes, they should feel firm and responsive. But if you press the brakes and they feels spongy, you almost certainly need brake repair. It’s a sign that you have air in the brake lines or a problem with the brake master cylinder. Both of these problems are serious and can cause reduced braking performance. Make sure your vehicle is inspected by a qualified mechanic in Fairfax VA

Does Your Vehicle Pull to One Side When You Brake in Fairfax VA? 

Driving your vehicle should be a pretty straightforward affair — literally. In other words, when driving down the road, your vehicle should remain relatively straight with minimal input from you. But if it pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, it often means that one brake is outperforming the other, which causes it to pull to one side. It can be caused by a stuck caliper, uneven brake pad wear, among other issues.

Are Those Good or Bad Vibrations? 

Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal when you brake? If so, these vibrations may not be the good vibes most people want. Instead, vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal when you brake may be a sign of warped brake rotors. 

Is Your Brake Warning Indicator Light Illuminated? 

While your vehicle can’t talk, it can communicate with you. And it often does so by using dashboard indicator lights, such as the Check Engine Light and Brake Warning Light. If your Brake Warning Light is illuminated, it could indicate a problem with the brake system, such as 

Does Stopping Your Vehicle Take Longer? 

If your vehicle takes longer to stop than usual, it could be a sign of worn brake pads or other issues with the brake system. Either issue can significantly compromise your safety. As such, it’s imperative to have auto brake service as soon as possible. 

That Smells Like a Problem! 

Do you smell a burning odor coming from the wheels or brakes? If so, it may mean your brakes are overheating. Overheating brakes can be caused by a stuck caliper or dragging brake pads.

Brake Fluid Belonds In Your Vehicle…Not on the Ground 

Anytime you spot fluid from underneath your vehicle, you have a problem. When you spot brake fluid leaking underneath your vehicle or around the wheels, it may point to issues with your brake lines.

Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax VA for the Best Brake Repair 

If your vehicle displays any of the previously mentioned signs, it’s imperative to have the necessary auto brake service performed by ABS Unlimited Auto Repair. Simply put, you have too much riding around on your ability to stop to leave it to chance. Don’t wait! Contact us today to get the auto brake service you need. 

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