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What does an automotive air conditioning compressor do for my Fairfax, VA based vehicle?

August 16, 2021

Car AC Recharge: How often should you have it done for your Fairfax, VA based vehicle?

Imagine having to drive in this summer’s heat without air conditioning! The thought alone sounds unbearable, doesn’t it?

The cool air that brings us all relief from the heat starts with your vehicle’s air conditioning compressor. This part is known as the “heart of the AC system”.

In this article we will explain how an automotive air conditioning compressor works to bring us comfort on hot days.

What does an automotive air conditioning compressor do for my Fairfax, VA based vehicle?

The moment that you press the AC button, your vehicle’s AC compressor starts its job of circulating fluid i.e. the refrigerant through the AC system. This system operates just like a human heart does the same function in our pumping blood throughout the circulatory system.

The process involves compressing the refrigerant from gas to fluid and sending it to the condenser where the ‘heat’ is expelled from it. The refrigerant then moves to an expansion valve, where it changes to a cool and moisture-free gaseous state. You can learn how refrigerant and freon keep your vehicle cool by clicking here.

Lastly, it passes through an evaporator that is responsible for cooling the air going through it. The cool dry air then comes out from the vents and into the interior of your car.

Here’s an informative video to understand how an A/C Compressor Works:

As we mentioned before, an automotive air conditioning compressor is the heart of an AC system. Without one, you’re left with blowing fans that do nothing more than suck the outside air and its atmospheric temperatures into your vehicle. 
Keep your cool all summer long by ensuring all parts of your vehicle’s AC system are working their best. 

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