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3 Signs You Need To Visit A Muffler Shop In Fairfax, VA For Service

July 1, 2020

3 Signs You Need To Visit A Muffler Shop In Fairfax, VA For Service

Your exhaust system, specifically the muffler, is crucial to your vehicle’s performance. So it’s important to have a basic understanding of its purpose and functions. 

What Does A Muffler Do?

The purpose of your muffler is to “muffle” the sound created by your vehicle’s engine. Without a properly working muffler, your vehicle is going to be incredibly noisy. 
Another key function of your vehicle’s exhaust is to steer the exhaust fumes out of the engine and away from anyone in the car. If there is a crack or hole in the muffler, the fumes can easily make their way inside the interior of your vehicle. Exhaust fumes contain chemicals such as carbon monoxide, and other high hazardous toxins. These can cause serious harm to you and your passengers.

3 Signs You Need To Visit A Muffler Shop For Service

1) Excessive noise – If you feel any vibrations or hear any rattling, there could be a hole, disconnected part, or leak in the exhaust system. Take note of where the vibration or sound is coming from (the steering wheel, operating pedals or your seat) and let the muffler shop know when dropping your vehicle off to get inspected. 

a person holding the steering wheel

2) Your vehicle accelerates slower – If your vehicle feels sluggish, your muffler might have been separated from the rest of your exhaust system.  

a person stepping on the accelerator

3) Decrease in gas mileage –  Exhaust leaks make your vehicle’s engine work harder, which will cause your vehicle to use more gas than usual. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your local muffler shop, like ABS Unlimited. 

an image of a low fuel gauge

Our Muffler Repair And Exhaust Inspection Includes:

  • Inspecting that mounts are safe
  • Examining your exhaust pipes for cracks or rust
  • Inspecting your catalytic converter
  • Checking oxygen sensors
  • Evaluating exhaust manifolds and gaskets for wear
  • Inspecting the muffler for indications of corrosion or wear

Call us at (703) 352-7770 to schedule a muffler repair and exhaust inspection.