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Expert Transmission Replacements and Repairs in Fairfax, VA

Learning that your transmission is failing will hardly ever be welcomed news. However, the team at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair offers fast and affordable transmission replacements in Fairfax, VA.


Our service is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new car. And when our mechanic replaces your transmission in Fairfax, VA, it can add several years to the lifespan of your vehicle.


Best of all, we stand behind all of our Jasper transmission replacements with a comprehensive warranty. Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair today for cost-effective transmission replacements near you.

Transmission Replacements in Fairfax, VA with ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, image closeup of automatic transmission gearbox parts

Your Transmission Is a Key Component

Your transmission is one of the most critical components of your vehicle. While your engine is tasked with producing power, your transmission ensures the right amount of power is transferred to your wheels. It performs this task by timely shifting gears based on your speed.


The four main types of transmission are:

  • Manual transmissions have a shifter and clutch pedal that you use to change gears manually. Examples of manual transmissions include synchronized, unsynchronized, automated, preselector, and single-clutch transmissions.
  • Automatic transmissions usually rely on a torque converter to change gears and do not have a clutch. Types of automatic transmissions include Tiptronic, direct-shift gearbox, and hydraulic transmissions.
  • Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) offer a similar driving experience to automatic transmissions. However, CVTs do not have gears and utilize a system of pulleys and belts to produce an infinite range of ratios.
  • Dual-clutch and semi-automatic transmissions are more like a hybrid between manual and fully automatic.


No matter the vehicle’s transmission type, our mechanics can help.

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Signs I May Need Transmission Repair or Service Near Me

As with any part of your vehicle, detecting transmission problems early can save you time and money. Here are a few of the top warning signs your vehicle may need transmission repair or transmission service. Failure to have it promptly remedied could lead to transmission replacement in Fairfax, VA:

  • The transmission will not switch gears
  • Weird noises coming from your vehicle when in neutral
  • A burning smell from your vehicle
  • Slipping gears
  • A dragging clutch
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Whining, humming, or clunking noise
  • Your vehicle is unresponsive when you change gears, specifically from park to drive.


If your vehicle is demonstrating one or more than one of the last symptoms, it’s imperative to reach out to ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA as soon as possible.

We Only Install the Best Jasper Engines in Fairfax, VA

At ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, we only use the best replacement parts and components for our auto repairs. For this reason, we have partnered with Jasper for remanufactured automatic transmissions, CVT transmissions, manual transmissions, and every other type. As the industry leader, Jasper has been remanufacturing premium quality replacement engines, replacement transmissions, and more since 1942.


For their entire tenure, Jasper has remained dedicated to remanufacturing transmissions of the highest quality to ensure you enjoy the durability you deserve. And because of their expertise and due diligence, we stand behind all of our Jasper transmission replacements with a comprehensive warranty. Every Jasper transmission replacement performed by our ASE-Certified mechanic comes with a 3-Year/100,000-Mile Warranty.

Enjoy a 3-Year/100,000-Mile Comprehensive Replacement Engine Warranty

Every Jasper engine replaced by ABS Unlimited Auto Repair comes with a comprehensive warranty package. We stand behind our work with a 3-Year/100,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty that includes both parts and labor.

Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair for Transmission Replacements in Fairfax, VA

If your transmission shows any signs of malfunction, it’s imperative to reach out to the ABS Unlimited Auto Repair team in Fairfax, VA. In most instances, we can offer solutions to repair your transmission and remedy the problem. However, if your vehicle needs a transmission replacement near you, we provide the service as well.

Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair today for transmission replacements in Fairfax, VA.