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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Trip Inspections in Fairfax, VA

Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal! It’s the second-largest purchase most people make in their lifetime. While the mechanical fitness of a new car, truck, or SUV may not be in question, purchasing a used vehicle is like a box of chocolates — you never really know what you’re going to get.

Fortunately, the ABS Unlimited Auto Repair mechanic in Fairfax, VA, offers a comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspection service. We will work to uncover hidden issues that may be buried deep within the vehicle’s computer code.

An ABS Unlimited auto technician performs a pre-purchase or a pre-trip inspection.

At the same time, we offer a similar pre-trip inspection service that can help prevent you from experiencing untimely failures and being stuck on the side of the road. Whether you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle or about to go on a family trip, ABS Unlimited Auto Repair‘s pre-purchase & pre-trip inspection in Fairfax, VA are cost-effective paths to a superior peace of mind.

Schedule a Used or Pre-Owned Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection in Fairfax, VA

Traditionally, purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle has been filled with pitfalls and fraught. Fortunately, ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA offers a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection designed to provide you with superior insight into the mechanical functionality of a vehicle.

During the pre-purchase inspection at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, our ASE-Certified mechanic will perform a detailed assessment to best understand:

  • The cosmetic condition of the vehicle
  • The mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • The safety conditions of the vehicle

We leverage the latest and most advanced electronic diagnostic equipment to reveal maintenance shortcomings and other hidden conditions. However, electronic vehicle diagnostics is only the beginning. Our experienced
mechanic will place your vehicle on a hydraulic lift to dig deeper into the vehicle. Specifically, we will check for broken components, leaks, and more. Then, we will perform a detailed road test where we will:

  • Listen for any awkward noises,
  • Check the braking components,
  • Test steering and suspension components,
  • Conduct specific vehicle pressure tests,
  • And more.

Once complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive digital report that includes pictures and video when applicable. You can use your report as a bargaining tool with the dealership or as a determining factor for whether you purchase said vehicle or not. Our
mechanic goes the distance during every pre-purchase inspection, so your newly-purchased pre-owned vehicle can go even further.

Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection in Fairfax, VA

Before you leave for vacation, it makes dollars and sense to schedule a pre-trip inspection at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair. During the pre-trip inspection, our mechanic will perform many of the same diagnostic services performed in the pre-purchase inspection. The key difference is that we will offer you the option to remedy any issues discovered during the pre-trip inspection. When you schedule a pre-trip inspection at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, you can make your trip with greater confidence.

Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair for Pre-Purchase & Pre-Trip Inspections in Fairfax, VA

At ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, we offer comprehensive pre-purchase & pre-trip inspections in Fairfax, VA. These services are designed to save you time and money and help you make more informed decisions. At the same time, our pre-purchase inspections and pre-trip inspections can help keep you and your family safer — no matter where your journey takes you.

Contact ABS Unlimited Auto Repair today for pre-purchase & pre-trip inspections in Fairfax, VA.