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4 Signs You Need Car AC Recharge

May 17, 2023

Checking car ac for refrigerant leaks

While the summer is a welcome sight for most, you may not share this sentiment if your car AC isn’t working. Fortunately, many car ac repair issues may be remedied with a quick car AC recharge from the mechanic at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair. The car AC recharge is the process of adding refrigerant to your cooling system, which allows it to produce the cool air you expect. Here’s how your car’s AC works:

  • Your AC system is filled with a specialized gas called freon or refrigerant.
  • The refrigerant is compressed and cooled off in the condenser that is located in front of the radiator.
  • This gas is then allowed to expand when it’s inside the evaporator.
  • When the refrigerant expands, it absorbs all of the heat from the interior of your car.
  • The cool gas is then sent back under the hood to the compressor. This process repeats.

As you can see, refrigerant is a quintessential part of your car’s ability to produce cold air. And when you’re low on refrigerant or have run out, your vehicle will be unable to provide cool air, which underscores the importance of a car AC recharge. In addition to ensuring your AC can produce cold air, a car AC recharge is a key preventative maintenance service.

Because of this, it’s important to know when your vehicle needs a car AC recharge. Let’s explore the top signs your vehicle may display when you need a car AC recharge or other auto AC services. And if you need auto repair or auto AC services, don’t hesitate to contact the mechanic at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair today!

Got Hot or Warm Air Instead of Cold Air?

One of the clearest indications your car requires a car AC recharge or repair is when the AC system blows warm or hot air. If your vehicle’s refrigerant levels are insufficient, likely, the evaporator coil won’t reach the ideal temperature for cooling. Initially, you may experience temporary cold air, but this can quickly turn warm, or you may not get any cooling. Regardless of the situation, ABS Unlimited Auto Repair offers the auto AC services you need.

Is Your Car Leaking Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is necessary for your vehicle to generate cold air and circulate it throughout the cabin. If you detect damp spots around your air conditioner welds or on the AC lines under your hood, you’re system is probably leaking refrigerant. At the same time, if you spot frost around the AC welds or on the AC lines, it may be another indication of a leak. When these symptoms are accompanied by an AC system that blows warm air, it’s evident that you require a car AC recharge or auto air conditioner repair.

Ew! What’s That Strange Smell Coming From the Vents?

While the appeal of food like vegemite and hummus are up for debate, one thing is for certain — no one likes foul smells. And if you detect a weird odor coming from your vehicle’s vents, you should be alarmed. In most instances, it can mean you have a buildup of water or mildew in your system. No matter the case, foul smells coming from your vents should prompt you to have an inspection and the proper auto AC services.

If Your AC Clutch Doesn’t Engage, You May Need a Car AC Recharge

When you hop into your vehicle and turn it to max cool, you should hear the sound of your AC clutch engaged. The clutch activates when it receives a signal from your AC pressure switch, which reads the system’s pressure level. If the pressure drops too low, the pressure switch will fail to activate, which prevents your AC clutch from engaging. And when your AC clutch doesn’t engage, the system will not circulate the already low amount of refrigerant through the system. This can lead to warm or lack of cool air.

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