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5 Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment In Fairfax, VA

May 11, 2021

If you are out running errands, doing carpool or driving to/from work in Fairfax, VA and notice the following issues, it’s likely that your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment.

1) Squealing Tires – Tires that wear due to misaligned wheels can often start to squeal when your vehicle accelerates or makes turns. Although wheel alignment is one of the causes of tire squealing, it can also be caused by other issues such as worn brake pads. Since both of these issues should get checked out, we recommend making a visit to your local shop if you notice this symptom.

2) Loose steering – A sloppy, or loose, steering wheel can be very dangerous as it can cause a decreased response time, when turning. 

3) Vibrating Steering Wheel – A steering wheel that vibrates while the vehicle is in motion is likely due to misaligned or unbalanced tires. However, vibration from a steering wheel could also indicate other more serious problems. 

4) Vehicle pulling to the left or right – This issue can make it tough to drive and can even lead to your vehicle crossing over into other lanes and/or oncoming traffic. 

5) Uneven or rapid tire wear – If you notice that the tread on some tires of your vehicle is wearing out faster than others, the wheels may be misaligned. To confirm this issue, our friendly and expert mechanics recommend measuring the tread depth on both sides of every tire with a tread depth meter for greatest accuracy. Whether your vehicle is pulling to the left or you notice that your steering wheel is vibrating, these are issues that can shorten your tire life by thousands of miles and even compromise very crucial steering and suspension parts. If you appreciate better fuel economy and saving money and prefer not to replace tires then consider having your alignment checked at least once a year.

Here’s an informative video explaining why vehicles need wheel alignments:

If you are experiencing any of the above listed issues, we welcome you to visit our highly rated and honest experts at ABS Unlimited for an alignment check. Click here to schedule an appointment