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9 Fall Car Care Tips For Fairfax, VA Drivers

September 29, 2020

9 Fall Car Care Tips For Fairfax VA Drivers

The fall season has finally arrived in Fairfax, VA, which means cooler temps, beautiful colors and fall car maintenance. 

As a responsible car owner, you understand the importance of routine car maintenance and helping your vehicle adjust to seasonal changes. 

a woman checking car antifreeze

1) Check your antifreeze – As the temperatures drop, your vehicle’s antifreeze will help regulate your engine’s temperature and ensure that it is running properly so it’s important it isn’t diluted or dirty.

2) Check the brakes – Brakes are crucial for safe driving. Cold weather heightens brake problems, since the roads have the potential of becoming slippery from snow and ice. Listen for unusual noises that may point to failing brake pads. Wondering if it’s time to replace your brakes? Read this helpful article

3) Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis – The dip in temperature will affect your tire pressure. Monitor your tire pressure on a monthly basis to be sure the levels are set at the vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations.

4) Inspect the tread depth of your tires – Knowing the tread depth of your tires will help you anticipate when they need to be replaced. Watch this helpful video to learn the importance and how to measure your tread depth:

an image of car ac heater panel

5) Make sure your heater/defroster works – Traveling without heat isn’t fun and driving with fogged-up windows is an accident waiting to happen. Check your front and rear window defrosters to ensure proper working condition. If necessary, have the heater and defroster systems repaired.

6) Check the lights – Now that it’s getting darker earlier, head outside one evening to inspect your vehicle’s light, this includes: 

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • High beams
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Emergency flashers
an image showing headlight

If you notice a dim or burnt out light, replace it. This is also a good time to clean your lights in order to improve visibility and safer driving. To have your headlights shine their brightest and look their best, we recommend headlight restoration.

7) Inspect your wiper blades – It’s important to have a clear windshield for optimum visibility. If your wiper blades look worn or cracked, replace them now before ice or snow move in.

an image showing wiper blade
a person checking car battery

8) Have your battery checked – A well performing battery is necessary to start your car in cold weather. Check the battery for charge and signs of corrosion. ABS Unlimited is happy to perform a battery test for free.

9) Prepare for snow – Getting stranded on the side of the road any time of the year is not fun. As the weather turns cooler, you especially need to be prepared for a roadside emergency. Be proactive and stock your vehicle with the following items:

  • Gloves
  • Ice scraper
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
an image showing car emergency kit

Before the cold weather sets in, give your car a little extra love and bring it to ABS Unlimited. When you visit us for any service, we always thoroughly inspect the parts of your car listed above so all you’ll have to do is prepare a roadside emergency kit! Go into the fall season knowing your car is running reliably and ready to keep you safe, no matter what the weather looks like!