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How Long Do Brake Pads Last Before I Need Brake Repair?

April 20, 2022

Brake Pad Repair by ABS Unlimited in Fairfax VA. Closeup image of a car mechanic doing automobile brake pads replacement in a car garage shop.

Modern cars don’t require nearly as much maintenance as older models. Generally, if you follow the manufacturer’s service schedule, you should enjoy years of trouble-free performance.

But some parts in your car will wear out over time. It’s a normal and expected part of vehicle ownership. And one of those parts is your brake pads. No matter the vehicle you drive in Fairfax, VA, your brake pads will need to be replaced periodically.

Brake pad replacement isn’t a service item you can simply schedule at a pre-set interval. Instead, you’ll want an expert mechanic in Fairfax, VA to inspect your brake pads to determine if it’s time for a replacement. 

Fortunately, the mechanic at ABS Unlimited offers brake repair and services for virtually every make and model of vehicle. 

As the leading brake service facility in Fairfax, VA, we’re always asked, “How long will my brake pads last before I need brake service and repair?” Let’s take a closer look at this question and a few simple steps you can take to extend the life of your brakes.

The Average Lifespan of Brake Pads

When it comes to the lifespan of your brake pads, there are no hard and fast rules. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you could have brake pads designed to last anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. In any case, all brake pads aim to provide the same stopping performance when they’re new as they do when they’re due for replacement.

That’s why the mechanics at ABS Unlimited makes it a point to check the brake pads on every vehicle that comes into our Fairfax, VA shop. We’d rather let you know where you stand so that you can choose the best brake repair and service option for your unique needs.

How Can Drivers Extend the Life of Brake Pads?

While the life of brake pads can vary from driver to driver, there are a few simple steps you can take to extend the life of your brakes. Here are a few things drivers in Fairfax, VA can do to prolong brake service and repair.

1. Alter Your Braking Habits

The wear and tear on your brake pads come from friction. The harder you step on your brakes, the more friction you create. So, altering your braking habits to bring your vehicle to a gradual stop in traffic and at controlled intersections can significantly improve the life of your brake pads.

2. Learn to Rely on Engine Braking

Although you may not realize it, your car’s engine will exert braking force as it downshifts through its gears. You can use this force to reduce the wear and tear on your brakes. All you have to do is learn to recognize the need to stop a little sooner, and this will provide more time for engine braking to take effect as you coast.

3. Increase Your Following Distance

Even though all drivers in Fairfax, VA learn not to tailgate, some are guilty sometimes. In addition to being dangerous, tailgating is horrible for your brakes. It forces you to apply the brakes more often and with more force. 

You should follow the three-second rule. If you spot a stationary object next to the car in front of you—a sign, a building, an intersection— take note of it, then count to three. If you arrive at that object before you reach three, back off a bit.

Contact ABS Unlimited for Brake Service & Brake Repair in Fairfax, VA

Although we wish we could tell you exactly how long your brake pads will last, it’s impossible to do so. But we can inform you of your brake pads’ condition. With this information, you can make a more informed decision about whether and when to have a brake repair and service. Contact ABS Unlimited today by calling (703) 352-7770 or stopping by our shop at 3215 Old Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA.