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Fairfax Driving Patterns and Their Impact on Vehicle Health

October 27, 2023

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In the Fairfax, VA area, nearly 850,000 people commute daily. This results in extensive stop-and-go traffic, especially during peak hours. Such driving patterns can significantly accelerate wear on all mechanical and electrical systems of your vehicle, notably the brakes, cooling system, and HVAC systems. After long work hours and time-consuming commutes, the last thing you need is unreliable service for your car’s maintenance and repairs.

ABS Unlimited: Your Trusted, AAA-approved Auto Repair Shop in Fairfax

With ASE-certified technicians at the helm, ABS Unlimited is your go-to choice for effective and convenient auto services. For reliable “auto repair near me”, reach out and schedule your maintenance or auto repair appointment in Fairfax, VA.

Traffic Impact on Wear-and-Tear Components

Heavy traffic invariably affects various components of your vehicle. At ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, we focus on maintaining and replacing these components, such as:

  • Brakes: Frequent stops in traffic exert immense strain on brakes. We offer comprehensive brake services, ranging from pad replacements to repairing the ABS.
  • Tires: While the average driver covers 13,000 to 15,000 miles annually, longer commutes and frequent trips might reduce your tire’s lifespan. Ensure regular tire rotations and annual alignments to maximize tire longevity.
  • Suspension: Highway commutes can be tough on the suspension. Unavoidable potholes may misalign your wheels, but we ensure optimal alignment and repair for any worn or damaged suspension parts.
  • Steering: Components like the power steering pump and rack can deteriorate faster due to challenging traffic conditions. Tie rod ends, especially, are vulnerable to potholes and curb brushes.
  • Cooling Fans: Limited airflow during traffic jams forces cooling fans to work overtime, leading to quicker wear, especially for vehicles with rear-wheel drives.
  • Water Pumps and Thermostats: Increased engine temperatures result in more frequent thermostat operations and additional strain on water pumps.
  • Air Conditioning: Stationary periods under the sun cause the cabin to heat up, compelling the AC compressor and fan to work harder due to reduced airflow.

Comprehensive Services at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair

At ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, we are your one-stop-shop for your repair and maintenance needs, including:

  • Engine and transmission services
  • CV Axles, Driveshafts, U-joints
  • Filter replacements (fuel, engine air, cabin air)
  • Tune-ups, alignments, fuel injection cleanings
  • Brake, Transmission, and coolant flushes
  • Electrical, ignition, diagnostic services
  • Gasket replacements, oil pumps
  • Shock, strut, timing belt, and chain services

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