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How to Jump Start Your Car

January 27, 2023

Car battery jump cable for car battery is dead.

Few things are worse than waking up to a blistering cold morning in Fairfax VA to learn your car will not start. Each time you turn the ignition, the vehicle gives you hope it will turn over — but after a few tries, it’s clear it will not. If you’re fortunate, a friend or neighbor is nearby to offer you a jump start. However, this may not always be possible, especially if you do not know how to jump-start your car.

Fortunately, the experts at ABS Unlimited in Fairfax VA have outlined the key steps involved with jump-starting your vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at how you should jump-start your vehicle in Fairfax VA. And if you need a battery replacement or electrical repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair. 

Locate the Battery on Each Vehicle in Fairfax VA

The first step to jump-starting your vehicle is to locate the battery in each vehicle. The location of each vehicle’s battery can significantly influence how and where you park and align the vehicles. In either case, you should work to align the batteries as close to each other as possible.

Grab a Set of Jumper Cables

To jump-start your vehicle, you will need a set of jumper cables. If you don’t already have jumper cables, you will need to purchase a set. However, not all jumper cables are created equally. The thicker the jumper cables, the lower the gauge number, and the faster the wire will transfer power. For instance, if you have a big heavy-duty truck, you will need a lower gauge jumper cable compared to someone who drives a compact vehicle.

Make Sure Both Vehicles Are Safe

After you’ve properly positioned both vehicles, turn the ignitions off, place each vehicle in neutral, and engage your parking brakes.

Connecting the Jumper Cables 

One of the most important steps in the process is to properly connect the jumper cables. Connecting them improperly can damage your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle. To get started, 

  1. Connect the red jumper cable to the red/positive terminal. Connect the red cable to the battery terminal on the POS, +, or red terminal on your battery. The positive terminal will always be larger than the negative terminal. Connect the cable to the positive terminal on the battery in the other vehicle. 
  2. Connect the black jumper cable to the negative terminal on the working battery.
  3. Connect the other end of the black jumper cable to an unpainted, shiny metal part of your vehicle’s engine. While some may suggest you connect this end of the black jumper cable to the negative terminal on your battery, it can cause sparks to fly if the battery is damaged or corroded. Many people use the struts that keep your hood open. 

Start the Working Vehicle

Start the vehicle with the working battery and allow it to run for 10 minutes. This can help ensure sufficient current is transferred from the working vehicle to yours. 

Start Your Vehicle

Finally, you should attempt to start your vehicle. In most instances, your vehicle should immediately start up. If your vehicle doesn’t start up, ensure you have the cables correctly connected. After resecuring the cables, wait about five or so minutes before trying again. In either case, you should have a battery diagnostic performed by the mechanic at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair in Fairfax VA to ensure it’s functioning properly.

What Causes My Battery to Die?

There are a number of reasons your battery may not start. Some of the most common reasons include the following:

  1. The battery is old and past its useful life.
  2. You left the lights on. 
  3. You have a defective alternator or charging system in Fairfax VA.
  4. You left the music system on.
  5. The temperatures are low, which can cause extra stress on the battery.

Help! I Can’t Jump Start My Car in Fairfax VA. 

If you’ve followed the previously mentioned steps and your battery will not jump-start, you may need a new battery or another type of “auto repair near me.” In either case, your next step should be to reach out to the mechanic at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair.

As the leading auto repair center in Fairfax VA, we offer a full suite of auto repair services and solutions for virtually all makes and models. Whether you need a “mechanic near me” for engine repair or a battery replacement, ABS Unlimited in Fairfax VA is your one-stop-shop. 

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